Three Kings

Joining the Rebellion

Night Delivery Pt I

Your parents have decided that you are ready to begin running missions with them now. As part of the مهتاب, the Moonless Host, they fight the tyrannical and endless rule of the three kings that have ruled Sharakhai for centuries. 

They task you to deliver three items, a package, a scroll case, and a small canister, to a contact outside the city in one of the Shia encampments. Not only that, they decide the safest time to do this is the night of beht zah'ir, the night of no moons that occurs only twice a year. A night when the Kings send their beasts out on the streets to hunt. No guards patrol the streets and no eyes to watch their route to the contact.

Zahira, Sariel, and Obenform are able to dodge trouble for a while, but one of the Kings misshapen and cursed hounds, the Asirim, catches their scent and attacks! They try to escape but while Sariel and Obenform are able to run, Zahira stays behind to finish it off and is almost killed. Obenform and Sariel, seeing their friend in danger, run back to help. They are able to kill the beast, but it howls for the other Asir in the area! Barely being able to take down one of these beasts, they make for safer grounds. During the chase, Oben and Zahira climb to the rooftops, barely escaping the jaws of two of the Asir. Sariel runs for the canal. The Asir chasing her does not get in the water, and she eventually loses it in the strong current… but also her companions as well. 

As they try to make their way back to each other, Sariel sees a man walking in the streets. She jumps to surprise and attack, but sees it is just an old man. He tells her she should not be out tonight of all nights, and takes her under the streets, in an unused sewer tunnel. He has an alcove built there. She seems safe, for now. 

Meanwhile, the other two decide to make for the encampment, expecting Sariel to come to the same conclusion and meet them there. 


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